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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Everyone says I can relax now

It has been a long time since something was written here. It has been a long and tiring road, that has cost me a lot, but given me even more! As I have come to realize I have trouble balancing my personal life and work. This is something I knew already, but has only been fortified in the last months. It will take a saint to deal with me....
Ai Fiori, has received nothing but glowing reviews, with the exception of Adam Platt. Which in Eric Ripert's words "He doesn't matter."seems to be true. With headlines like "The geatest dish in the world" and "Money should be fun" you would think that I could or would want to take my foot off the gas pedal. I have always loved adrenaline.
I have started taking a day to myself, which hadn't happened in months, but I only want to push harder now. A person with real drive, is only enlivened by such things. The only thing this has done is make me want more. More press, more accolades, more, more, more.
The work keeps building, and the people keep coming. This is all fantastic, but if you don't prove to them every day that you deserved this praise they will stop coming, stop talking, stop paying.
There are a couple of sayings in life that I have come to appreciate. "I never sleep cause it is the cousin of death" and "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Both New Yorker to the core.
Sure we all need rest, and I will take some, but only so that I can come back just as strong as before.
Relax, its like "Fine" its just not good enough.....
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