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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greens and Grills

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I often wonder why people don't look towards the grill when it comes to vegetable cooking.  Almost every time I handle the grill someone says really, gives me a funny look of confusion, I never would have thought of that, aren't they going to burn, what if they slip through the grates?
Why is the most basic and primal pieces of cooking equipment so difficult for people to understand?  Could it have something to do with the fact that it is looked at as man territory?  No girly vegetables for me.
The grill offers a one stop shopping destination for cooking. For me this makes total sense, no scrubbing, no soaking.  Just put the lid on and let the crap burn off.  Scrap, thats it!  I realize that doing the dishes may be fun or theropuetic for some of you but when you have someone to clean every pot and pan you use as soon as you use it, everyday, actually doing it after you are bloated, a little buzzed and feeling lazy sucks.
I always go to the farm stand before I think about the butcher.  At the butcher all the meat is fresh and tasty, but the vegetables will make the difference. 
Rethink the grill and use it to have a great party, people like to hang out near it, clean up is minimal and caramelized vegetables are great!  And one thing people always seem to feel comfortable doing around the grill is drink, no matter how square they may be.  If the vegetables are long and thin use the perpendicular style, if they are fat use the horizontal style, whatever, use it and enjoy.
Disclaimer: Not written by Robert Tremblay
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